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Most of the medical facilities in Argentina are of a good standard, particularly in big cities. It is recommended that travelers buy medical insurance before visiting Argentina, but still most doctors and hospitals expect payment in cash.

Tap water is generally safe to drink, but outside main cities bottled, boiled or disinfected water is recommended. To prevent traveler's diarrhea only eat fresh fruits or vegetables if cooked or peeled, don't eat dairy products that might contain unpasteurized milk.

Dengue fever occurs in Argentina, mostly in the northwestern part of the country. The disease is most common in urban environments, is transmitted by mosquitoes that usually bite during the daytime.


Argentina is generally a very safe country for tourists. Although crimes against tourists don't happen often, you should still use some common sense, for example avoid carrying a lot of cash, avoid any offers to exchange money on a street or in a restaurant, watch your personal belongings in public and crowded places etc.

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