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Currency, Exchange, Credit Cards, ATMs in Argentina

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Argentina's currency is peso, divided into centavos. Prices are written with a $ sign in front of them, which is sometimes confusing, because some stores also display prices in US$.

Money Exchange

US dollars can be exchanged at banks or exchange offices (cambios) in most cities. Other currencies can be difficult to change outside Buenos Aires.


ATMs are available in almost every city and town and most of them accept major credit cards to be used for cash advances. Most machines also allow cash withdrawal from debit cards in Cirrus, Plus or Link systems, but they have a withdrawal limit of AR$300 per transaction and many times also a transaction fee of about AR$15.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards (particularily Visa and MasterCard) are accepted, although not everywhere. Some businesses add a surcharge (5%-10%) when paying by credit card.

Traveler's Checks

Traveler’s checks aren't widely accepted - only banks, exchange offices and some hotels will cash them. In addition, there are high fees/commissions for the service.


Visitors can claim a tax refund at the departure for unused items purchased in Argentina. There are a few requirements: the purchase has to be at least US$70 in one store during a single visit, the refund form has to be obtained at the time of purchase and the article purchased has to be presented at the departure (and look unused) together with the receipt and the refund form. The amount of the tax is usually 21%.

Some larger stores can also process tax refunds.

Current Argentine Peso Rates

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