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Getting there

American Airlines, KLM and Continental provide regular flights to Aruba. DCA Airlines (Dutch Caribbean Airlines) based in Curacao, provide regular service from Curacao to Aruba, while there are daily flights from Curacao to Amsterdam with DCA, offering connecting flights form Curacao to Aruba. Approximate flight times from Oranjestad to London is 11 hours 40 minutes (including a connection normally in Amsterdam) to Los Angeles is 10 hours and to New York is 4 hours. Avia Air is operating area flights, to Bonaire, Curacao and Venezuela.

The main international airport is Queen Beatrix (AUA), approximately 3.5km (2.5 miles) southeast of Oranjestad.

Getting around

There's a frequent bus service between Malmok in the island's northwest and San Nicolas in the southeast. It passes through Oranjestad the hotel beach strip and runs right by the airport. This service and other local buses depart from Oranjestad's bus station next to Royal Plaza.

A car is necessary to explore the interior or northern coast of the island. There are international and local car rental agencies; the bigger chains have offices at the airport and hotels.

Taxis are available at the airport, around larger hotels and popular tourist spots. They're unmetered but rates are regulated by the government and are calculated using a zone system. Taxis can also be hired hourly for sightseeing tours.

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