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Australia has reciprocal health care agreements with some countries, currently: New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Malta and Italy. Under these agreements, visitors from those countries are eligible for free emergency treatment and some subsidised medicines while in Australia. It is recommended that travelers to Australia check the details and conditions of the reciprocal agreements before they leave their home country.

Emergency medical insurance is recommended particularly for travelers who are not covered with the reciprocal health care agreements.

Dangers or health & safety risks in Australia originate mostly from the natural environment. A visitor to Australia should be aware of at least some of them:

  • there are very dangerous crocodiles in northern Queensland, the Northern Territory or north Western Australia, found in both salt and fresh waters;
  • bats should be generally avoided as some of them have been found to carry a virus related to the rabies virus;
  • there are many very venomous snakes and spiders in Australia; if bitten, seek medical assistance immediately;
  • there are a couple of species of jellyfish (box jellyfish, irukandji), found in waters on the norther coasts that have very venomous stings;

The general emergency phone number in Australia is "000" (three zeros) that works from landlines and mobile phones. Another number - only for mobile phones - is "112" (this one works without roaming or without a sim card).

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