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Official currency of Barbados is Barbados Dollar (BBD; symbol BD$), which is divided into 100 cents. Notes come in denominations of BD$100, BD$50, BD$20, BD$10, BD$5 and BD$2. Coins are in denominations of BD$1, and 25, 10, 5 and 1 cents.

The Barbados dollar is tied to the US dollar at a rate of $1USD = BD$1.98

Foreign Currency Exchange

The US dollar is accepted everywhere as a payment currency at a 'rounded' rate of 1:2. However, the change can be given in Barbados dollars. For visitors from the US there is no need to exchange money. Other currencies are generally not accepted at stores, so visitors from other countries would need to exchange money in Barbados or bring US dollars.

Money can be exchanged at banks or hotels, but hotels may charge additional fees. Best exchange rates are offered for US dollar and pound sterling. Visitors from countries other than US or UK will get the best deal changing the money to US dollars before they arrive in Barbados.


ATM's are widely available and accept all major credit cards and bank cards that work on international networks like Plus or Cirrus. The ATMs only dispense Barbados dollars.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards, like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club are widely accepted in restaurants, shops and in the resorts. Some merchants also accept EnRoute, Eurocard or Barclaycard. Some smaller shops will not accept credit cards at all, so be prepared to pay in cash.

Traveler's Checks

Traveler's checks are accepted by all banks and most hotels. Preferred are checks in US dollars or pounds sterling.

Banking Hours

Typically banks are open from 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday to Thursday, and until 5:00pm on Fridays.

Current U.S Dollar Rates

For other currencies or conversion amounts go to Currency Converter

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