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Public Holidays in Belize

Flag of Belize

Year 2012

January 1
New Year's Day
January 2
Christmas holiday (end)
January 2
New Year's Day (moved forward to Monday)
February 10
winter holiday (beginning)
February 20
winter holiday (end)
March 7
Public holiday
March 12
Heroes Day
March 30
Easter holiday (beginning)
April 6
Good FridayReligious - Catholic or protestant
April 9
Easter MondayReligious - Catholic or protestant
April 16
Easter holiday (end)
May 1
Labor Day/May Day
May 21
Commonwealth Day
June 29
summer holiday (beginning)
August 27
summer holiday (end)
September 10
St George Caye Day
September 21
Independence DayNational Day
October 15
America's Day
November 19
Garifuna Day
December 21
Christmas holiday (beginning)
December 25
Christmas DayReligious - Catholic or protestant
December 26
St Stephen

Belize Gallery

Belize City Iguana, Belize City Belize City Old church in Belize City 

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