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Transportation in Brazil

Flag of Brazil

Getting There by Air

Main Airports:

Rio de Janeiro (GIG) - located 20km (13 miles) north of the city. Transportation to and from the airport by buses, taxis or hotel shuttles. Airport facilities include duty-free shops, money exchange, bank, pharmacy, 24/7 medical facility, post office, car rental.

São Paulo (GRU) - located 25km (16 miles) northeast of the city. Transportation to and from the airport by buses or taxis. Airport facilities include: duty-free shops, bank, money exchange, pharmacy, post office, car rental.

Brasilia International (BSB) - located 12km (7 miles) south of the city. Transportation to and from the airport by buses or taxis. Airport facilities include: duty-free shops, post office, bank, money exchange, car rental.

Approximate flight times to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro: 11 hours from London, 10 hours from New York.

Getting There by Road

There are road entry points to Brazil from all surrounding countries. Bus companies offer international trips from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile, from various cities, including Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile).

Getting Around by Air

Brazil has one of the largest internal air networks in the world and many times domestic air travel would be necessary due to vast distances between places in Brazil. Brazil Airpass is a recommended option to save money if you plan to make more than couple of trips during your vacation. Generally airfares for domestic flights are not much more expensive than long-haul bus/coach trips. The largest carriers are TAM and Gol, other include: WebJet, TAF, Oceanair and Azul.

Getting Around by Bus

Long-distance buses / coaches are the easiest, most convenient and most popular and economical way of getting around Brazil. The bus network is very good and services between major cities and tourist destinations are generally comfortable and efficient. Due to the long distances though, travel times can reach over a day, so air travel may seem more appropriate for travelers with busy schedule.

With many bus companies, it is possible to make a reservation and purchase a bus tickets on the Internet, but the ticket has to be picked up before the trip. Be aware that in some cases bus stations are located outside the city center so, particularly when arriving at night, be prepared to pay for a taxi.

Getting Around by Water

Ferries and boats are popular, and often the only way to get around in Amazon and on the coast west of Sao Luis.

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