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Embassy and Consulates of China in Canada

Flag of China

Chinese Embassy in Ottawa, Canada

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Canada
515 St. Patrick Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5H3
Phone: 001-613-7893434
Fax: +613-7891911

Chinese Consulate in Calgary, Canada

Chinese Consulate General in Calgary, Canada
Suite 100, 1011-6th Ave., S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 0W1
Phone: 00403-2643315
Fax: 00403-2646656

Chinese Consulate in Toronto, Canada

Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, Canada
240 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 2P4
Phone: 001-416-9647260
Fax: 001-416-3246468

Chinese Consulate in Vancouver, Canada

Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver, Canada
3380 Granville St., Vancouver
B.C. V6H3K3, Canada
Phone: 001-604-7347492
Fax: 001-604-7370154

China Gallery

The Great Wall at Mutianu near Beijing, China Forbidden City (view from the Jingshan Park), Beijing, China Lama Temple, Beijing, China The Great Wall (Ju Yong Pass), Beijing, China 

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China Articles

Items to Avoid in Chinese Gift Giving

Chinese people have their own culture when it comes to giving friends or relatives gifts. However, there are some taboos to avoid in Chinese culture. Though modern Chinese don't seem to mind them so much, it is still necessary to know what would be suitable in an occasion.

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Go Oriental - Travel To China

People touring all the important countries of the world; prioritize their travel to China. People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populated country, touching the 1.3 billion mark. With such a huge population and the large area, it is bound to be diverse and hence makes for a hot tourist destination..

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Wired Tourist Articles

Philippines Travel: The Old World Charm Of Ilocos

Going to the province of Ilocos is like treading back in time. Not only for the Spanish colonial houses, but for the simple, laid-back feel of the towns and its people. n old times, Ilocandia has been described as a God-forsaken land because of its arid and difficult terrain.

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Philippine Travel: When And Where

When you’re about to embark on a journey to the Philippines, the two most important questions to ask is "when" and "where". If you're traveling to the Philippines, do be aware that the experiences you’re about to encounter is unlike anything you’d encounter anywhere else in the world. Each and every country has its own unique experience to offer you and when you travel to the Philippines, you should expect the same.

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