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Cuba Visa Requirements

Flag of Cuba

Passport Requirements

All visitors to Cuba should hold a passport that is valid for at least two months after the entry date to Cuba. Canadian citizens are required to have their passport valid at least one month after the the expected departure date.

Cuban-born travelers who are nationals of other countries need a Cuban passport to enter the country, unless they left Cuba before 1971.

A return ticket and proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the stay may be required. Minimum amount of funds is CUC$50 per day.

Emergency Medical Insurance Requirements

All travelers to Cuba are required to have purchases an emergency medical insurance for the time of stay in Cuba. The medical insurance has to be issued by non-US institution. Travelers who don't have an insurance will be required to buy one offered by Cuban authorities at the time of entry. It should be noted that it is in the interest of the traveler to have the insurance arranged the way that all bills are immediately paid since Cuban authorities will not allow anyone with outstanding medical bills to leave the country.

U.S. Residents

Under U.S. law, residents of the United States, including non-US nationals, are prohibited from spending money (in any currency) related to Cuban travel unless they are licensed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Currently transactions related to tourist travel are not licensable. The restriction applies to all persons under US jurisdiction, even if traveling from a third country (like Canada or Mexico).

Visa Requirements

Most foreign visitors need to buy a tourist visa card (visa de tarjeta del turista) to enter Cuba. Visas can be purchased at the airport in Cuba on arrival, however many airlines will require it before boarding the plain. Cuban tourist visas can be usually purchased over the counter at Cuban embassies or consulates, arranged through travel agent or airline. The cost depends on the country of purchase (around US$30).

The tourist visa card allows to stay in Cuba for 30 days. The exception are Canadian citizens who are allowed to stay maximum 90 days.

The 30-day extension (90 days for Canadians) of the stay can be arranged at one of the the immigration offices (Dirreción Provincial de Inmigración). The cost of the extension is CUC$25.

Note that there is a mandatory airport tax of CUC$25 payable only in Cuban convertible pesos when leaving Cuba. Travelers will also be required to present their tourist visa card when leaving Cuba.

Embassy and Consulates of Cuba in United States

Embassy and Consulates of Cuba in Canada

Embassy and Consulates of Cuba in United Kindom

Embassy and Consulates of Cuba in Australia

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