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Public Holidays in Czech Republic

Flag of Czech Republic

Year 2012

January 1
New Year's Day
January 2
Christmas holiday (end)
February 17
winter holiday (beginning)
February 27
winter holiday (end)
April 5
Easter holiday (beginning)
April 9
Easter MondayReligious - Catholic or protestant
April 10
Easter holiday (end)
May 1
Labor Day/May Day
May 8
Victory Day 1945
June 29
summer holiday (beginning)
July 5
St Cyrilus and St MethodiusReligious - Orthodox
July 6
Jan Hus
September 3
summer holiday (end)
September 28
Czech Statehood Day
October 19
mid-term holiday (beginning)
October 28
National DayNational Day
November 5
mid-term holiday (end)
November 17
Struggle for Liberty and Democracy Day
December 21
Christmas holiday (beginning)
December 24
Christmas Eve
December 25
Christmas DayReligious - Catholic or protestant
December 26
St Stephen's DayReligious - Catholic or protestant

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Rock Town in Bohemian Paradise (Skalni Mesto, Ceský ráj) Rock Town in Bohemian Paradise (Skalni Mesto, Ceský ráj) Rock Town in Bohemian Paradise (Skalni Mesto, Ceský ráj) Trosky Castle, Bohemian Paradise (Ceský ráj) 

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