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Healthcare standards in Egypt are good in Cairo and Alexandria. Standards in other parts of the country vary greatly. Visitors are recommended to purchase comprehensive health insurance before arriving in Egypt.

Travelers are advised to only use bottled beverages and use bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth; iced drinks should only be consumed in top hotels and restaurants. Milk should always be boiled, uncooked fruits and vegetables peeled or washed in bottled water.

Due to the common scam of selling bottles refilled with tap water, always make sure that the seal is intact.

Schistosomiasis (bilharzia) is present in Egyptian fresh waters. It is recommended not to swim in Nile or any other fresh water and also avoid walking barefoot on freshly watered lawns.


Violent crimes against tourists in Egypt are rare and the country is generally considered safe and friendly to travel. Big problem in bigger cities, particularly Cairo, is pickpocketing. It is highly recommended to use a money belt or keep your money secured otherwise; do not carry a wallet.

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