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El Salvador Facts & Figures

Flag of El Salvador
Total area: 21,040 sq km (8,124 sq mi)
Population (2009 est.): 7,185,218
Capital and largest city (2003 est.): San Salvador - 1,791,700 (metro. area)
Other large cities: Santa Ana - 167,200; San Miguel - 145,100; Zacatecoluca - 36,700
Currency: U.S. dollar
Languages: Spanish, Nahua (among some Amerindians)
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant
Time zone: GMT-6, no daylight savings time
Electricity: AC 115V/60Hz, North American standard plugs with two flat pins

El Salvador is a small country in Central America that borders Guatemala to the west, Honduras to the north and east, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. With over 7 million inhabitants it is also the most densely populated country in the region.

The terrain of the country is dominated by volcanic uplands covered with rich, fertile soil. Lowlands are located to the north and south of the plateau. There are 25 volcanoes in El Salvador, with the highest Santa Ana at 2,365 m (7,759ft) and San Vicente, at 2,182 m (7,159ft).

El Salvador is recently becoming more and more popular destination for foreign travelers. It lures tourists with its amazing volcanic landscapes, national parks, impressive beaches as well as historical sites dated to Maya civilization.

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