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Transportation in Germany

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Getting there by Air

Main international airports:

Berlin-Tegel (TXL) - located 8km (5 miles) northwest of the city. Transportation to and from the airport by bus or taxi. Airport facilities include: duty-free shops, bank, money exchange, post office, car rental, 24/7 emergency medical facilities.

Frankfurt/M (FRA) - located 13km (8 miles) southwest of the city. Transportation to and from the airport by buses, S-Bahn (to the cities main rail station, to Mainz or to Wiesbaden), Intercity ICE trains or taxis. Airport facilities include: duty-free shops, bank, medical facilities, post office, car rental, shopping mall.

Munich (MUC) - located 28.5km (18 miles) northeast of the city. Transportation to and from the airport by: buses, S-Bahn (to the main railway station), taxis or coach (to the city center). Airport facilities include: duty-free shop, post office, bank, 24/7 emergency medical facilities, car rental, cinema.

There are several budget air carriers that offer cheap flights to many cities in Germany. The budget airlines include: easyJet, Germanwings, Air Berlin, WizzAir, Tuifly, Ryanair. To get the best price, it is recommended to book the tickets well in advance.

Getting there by Rail

Getting to Germany by train, especially from the neighbouring countries (France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic and Austria) is very convenient and not expensive. There are regular "EuroCity" train services available as well as high speed ones, including Thalys, ICE or Cisalpino (from Milan, Italy via Zurich to Stuttgart). Standard rail fares are pretty high (when compared to budget air travel, for example), but the recommended option is a purchase of one of the available discount tickets or rail passes (like InterRail or Eurailpass).

Getting there by Road

There is an excellent network of highways connecting Germany with all the surrounding countries. Also, there are numerous and excellent coach services to cities in Germany.

Note that due to the fact that Germany and all its neighbors are within the Schengen Area, there are no land border controls at entry.

Getting around by Car

Germany has one of the world's best network of highways and roads that make driving a very convenient and fast way of getting around. All 11,000 km (6,835 miles) of highways (autobahn) are toll free, with excellent facilities (service areas, restaurants, toilets, picnic areas etc.) every 40-60km (25-40 miles) and emergency phones every 2km (1.25 miles).

Getting around by Air

There are several airlines offering domestic flights: Lufthansa (connects all major cities in Germany), Air Berlin, Cirrus Airlines, OLT, TUIfly, Germanwings, Sylt Air (between Hamburg and Sylt).

Getting around by Train

Train travel is probably the second, after traveling by car, most convenient way of getting around Germany. The country has an excellent and reliable railway system that reaches almost every part of Germany. Most of the trains are operated by Deutsche Bahn, including the famous ICE (InterCityExpress) that reaches speeds of 320 km/h (almost 200 mph).

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