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The Syntagma Square (Plateia Syntagmatos) is the central point of all major tourist attractions in Athens and also the business district of Athens, where you can find major hotels, banks, restaurants and airline offices. Starting from there, your sightseeing should include at least the following places in Athens:

  • The Acropolis - the most famous acropolis in the world; is home to many different religious temples and sanctuaries and Parthenon - built in the 5th century BC
  • Historical districts of Plaka, Monastiraki and Thissio located near the Acropolis
  • Piraeus - located south of Athens, the ancient port
  • National Archaeological Museum - is one of the most important museums of classical antiquity in the world
  • The Athenian Agora - the ancient center of the city of Athens


Thessaloniki, located in Northern Greece, in the Greek district of Central Macedonia, with its one million inhabitants, is the second largest city in Greece and a popular place to explore while on vacations in Greece. The city is famous for its historical sites, including relics of its Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past. City's Byzantine churches are included in UNESCO's World Heritage list. Thessaloniki also attracts tourists with fine food, shopping, vibrant nightlife, many concerts, parties and art shows.

Main tourist attractions include: Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum that exhibits ancient Macedonia's marble statues and gold jewelery, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the Byzantine walls, Byzantine citadel, the Eptapyrgion fort, 4th-century Church of Agios Dimitrios, the Roman Rotunda, the White Tower and others.


The island of Crete is Greece's largest Mediterranean island and also the southmost part of Europe. It's famous for its beach resorts, rugged interior, natural beauty, diverse landscape and historic ruins. You can spend your entire one or two weeks vacations to Greece entirely on this island, exploring its many sightseeing attractions and having a good, relaxed time in one of the beach resorts.

Located nearby the capital of Crete - Iraklio (Heraklion) - are the ruins of Knossos displaying beautiful wall drawings depicting images of sea creatures and flowers. This 3,000 year old Minoan Palace was home to Europe's earliest civilization.

Other sights include: the Venetian port of Hania, the picturesque city of Rethymno with its Venetian fortress or impressive Samaria Gorge - the longest gorge in Europe.

Cyclades Islands

Cyclades Islands are a very popular vacation destination in Greece. For many they are considered a "Greek dream" and are characterized by white irresistible landscapes, houses, golden beaches, olive groves, pine forests, mountains and terraced valleys.

  • Mykonos - is one of Greece's top tourist destinations, famous for some of the best nightlife in Europe
  • Santorini - is famous for stunning landscape and seascape, breathtaking views with high cliffs and white houses, almost legendary, astonishing sunsets, naturally fantastic beaches, Santorini Volcano and Minoan ruins
  • Delos - a little island with numerous ruins with the famous Terrace of Lions that dates back to 600 BC


The island of Corfu (or Kerkyra) is located just off of the western coast of mainland Greece. It's been a popular tourist destination for group holidays, family vacations, congress tourism, school trips etc., offering possibilities for various kinds of activities. Many British owned vacation resorts are located at the north-eastern coast; there are also many world class museums, including the Museum of Asian Art. A lot of festivities and celebrations take place during Easter, which is probably the best time to visit the island.

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