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Italy has good excellent health care system and facilities. For EU citizens, upon production of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), healthcare services are provided free. Although emergency assistance is granted even to non-EU travelers, they are advised to purchase more comprehensive health insurance for the time of their stay.

Tap water is generally safe to drink. Non-drinkable water will be labeled as "Acqua Non Potabile". In some place in southern Italy the water may come from desalination and have a strange taste. Milk is generally pasteurized, meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, vegetables and dairy products are considered safe for consumption.


Italy is generally a safe country for foreign visitors, with petty crime being the most that can happen to a traveler. Watch for pickpockets and bag-snatchers in bigger cities - particularly in Rome and Naples. Theft may also happen on the trains, when traveling at night. Be aware of the ATMs scams - cameras or card readers attached to the machines are more and more common. Car theft, especially targeted to cars with foreign number plates or rental cars may also be a problem. Don't leave anything in the parked car, particularly not overnight.

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