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Safaris in Kenya's National Parks

When your'e on vacations to Kenya, it's very likely that the main reason for your visit is a safari in one of kenya's national parks. The best way get a real experience of wildlife and bush is go for at least 5 days safari. The cost of a cheaper, camping safari could be about $70 - $80 per person per day, including park entry fees, a car with driver and cook, 3 meals a day and the hire of equipment. With accommodation in tented camps or lodges the cost could be between $250 - $350 per person per day.

The most popular Kenya's national parks are: Masai Mara National Reserve (mostly savanna and grassland; the best park for animal spotting but also the most crowded by tourists), Amboseli National Park (near the Tanzanian border, dry plains and scrub forest, next to Mount Kilimanjaro), Nairobi National Park (variety of animals on open plains directly outside Nairobi; no accommodation in the park), Tsavo East National Park (the biggest of all parks; offers good animal spotting on open planes, popular budget destination), Tsavo West National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Meru National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park (excellent for bird watchers).

A Balloon Trip

An excellent way of watching wildlife in Kenya's national parks is a balloon trip. Trips typically start at dawn and take a few hours. They can be arranged through many safari lodges. The price is around 400 dollars.

Wildebeest Migration

The Wildebeest migration from Tanzania to Kenya takes place between July and October each year. Hundreds of thousands of wildebeests gather at the Serengeti plains and trek in search for greener feeding grounds. After making a big circle through Tanzania and Kenya, they come back to the Serengeti plains again. There are camps for wildlife watchers at the point where Wildebeest have to cross the Grumeti River.

Diving & Snorkeling - Watamu National Park

Vacations in Kenya can combine safaris and wildlife watching with water sports and activities. There are many great possibilities of diving and snorkeling in Watamu National Park along the coast. The reef is in excellent condition and there are big numbers of exotic fish, including harmless whale sharks. The waters are totally excluded for fishers.

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