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Public Holidays in Latvia

Flag of Latvia

Year 2012

January 1
New Year's Day
January 9
Christmas holidays (end)
February 17
sports holiday (beginning)
February 27
sports holiday (end)
April 5
spring holiday (beginning)
April 6
Good FridayReligious - Catholic or protestant
April 9
Easter MondayReligious - Catholic or protestant
April 16
spring holiday (end)
April 28
April 30
Bridge day
May 1
Labor Day/May Day
May 4
Restoration of Independence
June 13
summer holiday (beginning)
June 23
Ligo Day
June 24
St John's Day
September 4
summer holiday (end)
October 19
autumn holiday (beginning)
October 29
autumn holiday (end)
November 19
National DayNational Day
December 14
winter holiday (beginning)
December 25
Christmas DayReligious - Catholic or protestant
December 26
St Stephen's DayReligious - Catholic or protestant
December 31
New Year's Eve

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