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The official currency in St Kitts and Nevis is Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$), divided into 100 cents. Available denominations are EC$100, EC$50, EC$20, EC$10 and EC$5 for notes and EC$1, EC$25, 10 cents, 5 cents, 2 cents 1 cent for coins.

The Eastern Caribbean dollar is fixed to the US dollar at a rate approximately US$1.00 = EC$2.7.

The US dollar is accepted everywhere in St Kitts and Nevis, but the change may be given in EC$. Note that US coins are typically not accepted. Many places quote prices in both currencies, but if you're not sure, always ask.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks. Visitors carrying cash in US dollars don't need to exchange it.


Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) can be found at most banks in St Kitts and Nevis. The machines work 24/7, accept international cards with Cirrus and Plus logo and can be used for credit card cash advance or withdrawals using a bank card. The ATMs in St Kitts and Nevis generally only dispense EC dollars, but some machines in Basseterre and in the Marriot Royal Resort dispense US dollars.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted by hotels, restaurants, large stores and supermarkets in St Kitts and Nevis. The most widely accepted are Visa and MasterCard. Some small businesses don't accept credit cards.

Traveler's Checks

Traveler's checks can be exchanged at banks. Best rates are given for checks in US dollars.

Banking Hours

Banks are typically open from 8:00am - 2:00pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8:00am - 4:00pm on Fridays.

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