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Saint Lucia Facts & Figures

Flag of Saint Lucia
Total area: 238 mi (616 sq km)
Population (2009 est.): 160,267
Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Castries - 60,300
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Languages: English (official), French patois
Religions: Roman Catholic 68%, Protestant 19%, other Christian 5%, Rastafarian 2%, none 5%
Time zone:GMT-4, DST is not observed
Electricity: AC 240/50Hz, mostly British 3 square-pin plugs, sometimes European 2 round-pin plugs

Saint Lucia is an island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea, at the border of the Atlantic Ocean. It's part of the Lesser Antilles, located north of St. Vincent and south of Martinique.

St. Lucia is of volcanic origin with a chain mountains running from north to south. The island is covered with lush rain forests, rich tropical vegetation, short rivers and broad fertile valleys. Mount Gimie at 950 m (3,117 feet) is the highest peak on the island. Gros Piton and Petit Piton, located on the west coast, are other picturesque volcanic peaks, now covered with rain forest. St. Lucia is also known for its great variety of fauna and flora, with indigenous wildlife species, orchids and many other colorful tropical flowers.

This beautiful island is very popular a tourist destination, offers great hotels, resorts, excellent beaches and clear waters.

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