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Embassy and Consulates of Seychelles in the United States

Flag of Seychelles

Seychelles Embassy in New York, United States

Embassy of Seychelles in New York, United States
Suite 400, 4th floor, 800 Second Avenue
Phone: 212-687-9766
Fax: 212-972-1786

Seychelles Consulate in Anchorage Alaska, United States

Consulate of Seychelles in Alaska, United States
P.O.Box 111909
Phone: +1-907-244-5375
Fax: +1-907-345-5607

Seychelles Consulate in Washington, United States

Honorary Consulate General of the Seychelles in Washington, USA
3620 SW 309th Street
Federal Way
WA 98023
Phone: (+1-253) 874-4579
Fax: (+1-253) 838-2787

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