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Seychelles Facts & Figures

Flag of Seychelles
Total area: 456 sq km (176 sq mi)
Population (2009 est.): 87,476
Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Victoria, 23,000
Currency: Seychelles rupee
Languages: Seselwa Creole 92%, English 5%, French (all official)
Religions: Roman Catholic 83%, Anglican 6%, other Christian 4%, Hindu 2%, Muslim 1%
Time zone: GMT+4; DST is not observed
Electricity: AC 240V/50Hz, square three-pin plug ("British" plugs) are in use

Seychelles is an island nation occupying the Seychelles archipelago, situated in the Indian Ocean, about 1,500 km (932 mi) east of mainland Africa and northeast of the island of Madagascar. The archipelago contains about 115 islands, including the principal island Mahé (142 sq km / 55 sq mi), which is home to 90% of the country's population. Other larger islands are Praslin (38 sq km / 15 sq mi) and La Digue (10 sq km / 4 sq mi). The Seychelles have the smallest population of all African countries.

The islands belonging to the Seychelles fall into two categories, based on their appearance, origin and geology. There are granitic islands, characterized by mountainous landscapes, covered with lush, tropical vegetation; the largest islands of the archipelago belong to this group. The second group is formed by the coral islands, located southwest of the granitic group. Their terrain is low and flat, covered with dense vegetation; they are mostly unpopulated.

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