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Embassies and Consulates in Slovakia

Flag of Slovakia

For American, Australian, Canadian and British embassies and consulates in Slovakia go to the main Embassies and Consulates in Slovakia page. For other countries, select a link from the list below.


Austria»Embassies & Consulates of Austria in Slovakia
Belgium»Embassies & Consulates of Belgium in Slovakia
Brazil»Embassies & Consulates of Brazil in Slovakia
Bulgaria»Embassies & Consulates of Bulgaria in Slovakia
Chile»Embassies & Consulates of Chile in Slovakia
China»Embassies & Consulates of China in Slovakia
Croatia»Embassies & Consulates of Croatia in Slovakia
Cuba»Embassies & Consulates of Cuba in Slovakia
Cyprus»Embassies & Consulates of Cyprus in Slovakia
Czech Republic»Embassies & Consulates of Czech Republic in Slovakia
Denmark»Embassies & Consulates of Denmark in Slovakia
Egypt»Embassies & Consulates of Egypt in Slovakia
El Salvador»Embassies & Consulates of El Salvador in Slovakia
Finland»Embassies & Consulates of Finland in Slovakia
France»Embassies & Consulates of France in Slovakia
Greece»Embassies & Consulates of Greece in Slovakia
Hungary»Embassies & Consulates of Hungary in Slovakia
India»Embassies & Consulates of India in Slovakia
Indonesia»Embassies & Consulates of Indonesia in Slovakia
Ireland»Embassies & Consulates of Ireland in Slovakia
Israel»Embassies & Consulates of Israel in Slovakia
Italy»Embassies & Consulates of Italy in Slovakia
Japan»Embassies & Consulates of Japan in Slovakia
Norway»Embassies & Consulates of Norway in Slovakia
Poland»Embassies & Consulates of Poland in Slovakia
Seychelles»Embassies & Consulates of Seychelles in Slovakia
Slovenia»Embassies & Consulates of Slovenia in Slovakia
South Africa»Embassies & Consulates of South Africa in Slovakia
Spain»Embassies & Consulates of Spain in Slovakia
Sweden»Embassies & Consulates of Sweden in Slovakia
Taiwan»Embassies & Consulates of Taiwan in Slovakia
Turkey»Embassies & Consulates of Turkey in Slovakia
Ukraine»Embassies & Consulates of Ukraine in Slovakia

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