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Suriname's medical services and facilities, including emergency medical care, are limited and don't meet western standards. There is only one public emergency room in Paramaribo supported by a small ambulance fleet. Specialists physicians may not be available at all times or some specialists are not available at all. Hospital rooms, except for a few that need extra payment, are not air-conditioned. Emergency medical care is virtually non-existent in the interior of the country.

Tourists receiving medical services are usually asked to pay cash in advance. Comprehensive travel health insurance is strongly recommended for all visitors.

Food and Water

Tap water in main cities is chlorinated and considered safe. Outside main cities water should be boiled or otherwise sterilized. Meat, fish and vegetables should be cooked and fruits peeled before consumption. Dairy products may be made from unboiled milk. Only one (government owned) company sells pasteurized milk.


Crime, particularly in the form of burglary, armed robbery and violent crime occurs relatively frequently in the capital Paramaribo and its neighborhoods. Tourists can become targets of pick-pocketing and robbery, especially near major shopping and business districts. The known area of criminal activity in Paramaribo is the Palm Garden area, which should be avoided by visitors at night.

Visitors should use common sense precautions, avoid wearing expensive jewelry and should not display large amounts of money in public. Travelers should also avoid demonstrations and large gatherings as they may become violent. When traveling to the inland, it is recommended to make use of well-established tour companies as police presence outside Paramaribo is minimal and there is generally very limited government authority in the interior of the country.

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