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Private health insurance is recommended. There are adequate dental and medical facilities in the larger cities. In smaller ones, mission hospitals and clinics are available. Outside larges cities facilities can be limited and medicines are often unavailable. All treatment must be paid for.

The biggest health risk to travelers is malaria, which is present throughout the country. Because of the presence of parasites, it is also recommended no to swim in any fresh water; swimming pools that are well chlorinated and maintained are safe.

For drinking and brushing teeth or washing vegetables you should only use bottled water. Eat only hot, freshly cooked food, peel fresh fruit and raw vegetables, don't eat salads and avoid local dairy products.


Tanzania is generally regarded to be one if the safest countries in Africa, with a high level of political stability and lower crime rates than Kenya or South Africa.

It is recommended not to travel at night, avoid isolated areas, avoid wearing jewelery and watches that can be easily snatched. Wear a money belt or keep the money hidden. Also, don't accept food or drink from strangers - there were reported incidents of drugged food given to tourists who were later robbed.

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