Turrialba Volcano

Turrialba Volcano Facts

Country:Costa Rica
Province: Cartago
Coordinates: 10°01'30"N 83°46'01"W
Elevation: 3,340 m / 10,958 ft
Volcano type: stratovolcano
Typical eruption type: explosive
Recent eruptions: Jan 2010
Activity status: active

Turrialba Volcano is located in the Turrialba Volcano National Park (Parque Nacional Volcan Turrialba) and although very interesting, it remains one of the least visited volcanoes in Costa Rica. It is also the second highest volcano in Costa Rica. Turrialba is situated northeast of Irazú Volcano, and the easiest access to it is from the town of Turrialba (about 70 km/44 mi east of San Jose), making about 45 min drive on dirt roads to the point where the road ends. A 4WD car is recommended. From there there is a hiking trail to the summit that takes about 2 hours.

The summit of Turrialba Volcano consists of three craters, located inside a depression that's about 2,200 m (7,200 ft) long and 500 m (1,650 ft) wide. The craters are accessible, but recent fumarolic activity resulting in large amounts of poisonous gas emissions has limited the time that visitors can spend in the summit area.

If you plan a tour to Turrialba Volcano, check its current activity status before. In recent years the volcano's unrest resulted in the park to be temporarily closed for visitors and the eruption in January 2010 that emitted ashes caused evacuation of the nearby villages.

The Turrialba Volcano Lodge is the nearest lodging place situated in a scenic farmland neighborhood, with a beautiful view of the volcano. The lodge also organizes very interesting, guided Turrialba Volcano tours - walking or on horseback. The owners advertise the lodge as "the only lodge with volcano in its garden"...

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